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Services and Pricing:

Pricing is based on indoor pets that have a healthy coat and skin and can vary due to several factors such as coat condition, matting, undercoat, age, and behavior of dog. Pets need to be free of fleas and ticks and will need to be kept on a regular grooming schedule.  

  I'm only accepting groomer-friendly dogs at this time!  


The Works Package

  • Pet consultation (to ensure that I understand what your wishes are)
  • Nails clipped
  • Ears cleaned/flushed and plucked (if needed)
  • Hair between pads of feet trimmed
  • Sanitary trim of belly and rear
  • Anal glands checked and expressed (upon request)
  • Tearless Facial
  • Warm hydro massage bath with premium shampoo and conditioners
  • Lavender oil added to bath for a calming effect and lasting fragrance
  • Hand high velocity air-fluff drying with complete brush and comb out
  • Haircut specific to breed or your individual preference
  • De-shed treatment for double coated dogs
  • Liquid Silk Serum added to coat for shine and a silky feel
  • Scented high end cologne
  • Glamour bow, bandana, or feather



  Small   Under 15 lbs

  Lap Dog (Yorkie, Maltese)


  Medium   15-50 lbs

  Not a lap dog

(Westie, Schnauzer, Bichon) 


  Cocker Spaniels

(Depending on thickness of coat)


 Large  50lbs-60lbs

Standard Poodle


Freshen Up Package

Only for ​pets between scheduled full service grooming or only requiring light touch-up trimming. 

Hydro-massage with premium shampoo

Ears cleaned/flushed and nails trimmed (if needed)

Anal glands expressed (upon request)

Fluff dry

Thorough brush and comb out

Light trim of face, feet, tail, sanitary area and pads

Scented cologne



  Small    Under 20 lbs

         (Yorkie, Maltese, Papillion, Shih-Tzu, etc.)      


  Medium    21-50 lbs

                 (Westie, Schnauzer, Cocker, etc.)                    


Short Hair Re-Freshening Bath

Hydro-massage bath and fluff dry

Ears cleaned

Nail Trim



  Small -Under 20 lbs

       (Chihuahua, Dachshund, etc.)   


  Medium - 21-50 lbs

              (Jack Russell, Pug, etc.)             


Short Hair Premium Bath

Hydro-massage with premium shampoo

Fluff dry

Ears cleaned

Nail Trim and buffed

Anal glands checked and expressed (upon request)

De-shed treatment



  Small- Under 20 lbs     


 Medium -21-50 lbs


  Large  over 50lbs-60lbs


Other Spa Services Offered

Spa Servive


 Teeth Brushing

Help prevent tartar build-up by using an oral gel that will clean, sooth, and deodorize the gum tissue.


 Paw-dicure with Nail Polish

Variety of colors to choose from


 Nail Buffing


 Pad Treatment

Soothing oatmeal and essential vitamins will restore and renew dry, cracked and damaged pads soothing oatmeal and essential vitamins will restore and renew dry, cracked and damaged pads soothing oatmeal and essential vitamins will restore and renew dry, cracked and damaged pads


 Poodle Feet


All Natural Flea Shampoo

Contains killer oils like d'Limonene, Peppermint, and Citronella


 Feather Extensions


  Booty Bling


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